Dating From the Mouth’s of Babes

So, I am sitting here with no idea what to write, writer’s block, ugh. When, in enters the crew, fresh off the school bus and full of stories. Man, when I say they are my inspiration I mean it quite literally.

Anyway, my 10-year-old boy starts talking about his new girlfriend. Yup, girlfriend, at 10 years old, what does that even mean? Well let me tell you the secrets of dating via a 10-year-old boy.

One great tip of advice given was that you must double date. So, my nosey ass askes how exactly does this work when you are not allowed to go on dates until you are 16? To which I received a reply of “Mom, you got to think outside the box. Me and my friend both asked girls out and they said yes. So now, we eat lunch and then have a recess date. The girls choose what we do and we all four do it”.

Well, then, touché. Seems he has this dating thing down. But, on a real note, why does my 10-year-old offer a better date than most men my age? He has a few things very right at such a young age, one he doubled so he knew even if you run out of conversation y’all got a friend too. He asked what his date wanted to do. And he set it up in a fun public environment (not that he had much choice).

You’re asking yourself, why would she let her son claim to have a girlfriend at 10? Because even though I know he is too young, it is like allowing kids to play, house, at a young age, someday they will have to do it in real life, and this gives them a make-believe opportunity to hash out the issues and learn how to live real life. You do not have to agree with me, but that is why I allow the make believe. He isn’t kissing girls or physical in anyway, they are not even allowed to hold hands, so I see no issue.

The moral of this story really is, we should be looking at dating and many other things in life through a kid’s eyes. They keep it simple; they care about other’s; they are resourceful and imaginative. How many of us would just like to go on a fun date? No extra pressure, just simple picnic in the park, or walk in the neighborhood.

Kids have a different approach to life. We all did too before adulting, and bad intentions changed us and jaded us. I think we all need to occasionally just look at life through the eyes of babes.

As always may your life be full of magic and wonder, and you enjoy it to the fullest.

Peace, Love and Applesauce,

Jill Marie

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