Let Me Speak On It: My 30’s

For years, on my social media, mostly Facebook I have done a segment called: Let Me Speak on It. It is where I get to express myself and discuss thing that are not always Politically Correct or in a way that isn’t always PC, because well folks, life is not always PC. While most people think everything should be black and white, the truth is there is a lot of grey. I have and will always discuss anything I want, race, religion, love, hate, gender roles, parenting, sexuality, spirituality, politics, anything and everything is game for these segments. Well, I decided to bring the segment to the blog. Without further ado…

Let me speak on it…

Anyone who knows me knows I have never been worried about age. I never had that “Oh, shit I am 30!” moment or that fear of the future. I also never looked at people and thought I couldn’t be friends or together with someone due to age, it just doesn’t matter to me. I take aging a lil less serious than some. I find my 30s to be the absolute best years thus far.

I lived most of my life up to 30 never wearing makeup, I literally learned to do my make at 30, 3 years later I still only wear it sometimes. This is why. I still get carded, plain and simple; people still think I am younger than I am. BUT, big fat BUT, I am going to tell you why I learned make up at 30. I am going to cue some of you in on what is coming, and some of you already know, 30 is a wild ride. Those under 30 are rolling their eyes, those 30 and older are going to nod along.

You wake up the day after celebrating the real true adulthood, 30, like no one can tell you what to do you are 30 years old, and BOOM, the skin that has been the same for the last 8 to 10 years has decided to change. Like literally overnight. And nooo it didn’t decide to suddenly become acne free, soft and perfect, quite the opposite in fact. I have always had combination skin, I have had acne problems and worked out the perfect regiment that prevented or at least lessened outbreaks. But when I woke up 30, my skin changed, it was combination still, with the added bonus of extreme dryness in the winter and none of my old moisturizers worked especially on my FACE! After a while of experimenting, I have found that I can no longer use any moisturizer on my face and I wash with just a cloth and hot water followed by splashing cold water on my face. As for my body in winter only coconut oil or baby oil gel work.

You’re thinking ok so your skin changed big deal, if that’s all I will be fine. WRONG that isn’t the only skin change, oh, no no no, I also now have the “11” wrinkle above my nose, between my eyebrow, only fine lines but they are there. These I call my WTF lines because that’s where my face creases when I make my WTF face. I also have lovely dark circles around my eyes and eyelids by the end of the day that give me that lovely ” I haven’t slept in a month or possibly picked up crack” look. And it isn’t too bad yet, but my best friend gravity has lowered my already hooded eyes, my eyebrows and the apples of my cheeks just a bit, so I look exhausted have the time. My lips while still full have begun to feather, yes, they call it feather, and it is why lip liner suddenly became a word in my vocabulary.

If you are making a checklist don’t stop, aging doesn’t stop at the face, children or no children gravity likes to help you out. Now your tits sag a lil and probably your ass too. Your shoulders will round and if you didn’t listen to your grandma about having good posture, yeah, it’s probably too late, you hunch a little.

Don’t let me stop at the physical…remember when you were in your 20s and could stay out all night and get up early the next morning no problem? Ha not anymore, you get tired earlier, BUT you cannot sleep. It is like you could literally fall asleep standing up, but your body hits the bed and BOOM you are wondering if penguins have knees (which they do btw) or wondering why you didn’t say something in an argument 12 years ago. You used to only need coffee when you were up late the night before, it used to be for fun, you’d drink it on a friend date or at a meeting. This is a distant memory, now you are exhausted and cannot sleep but also need a coffee as a morning ritual. As in, do not speak to me until I have had my coffee. However, the joke is on you because if by any chance you need more than the one cup of coffee a day you will gain weight, pee constantly (as if giving birth hadn’t already messed that up) and be unable to sleep. See the catch 22 there?

Quick tip for those under 30, and I know you hear this all the time, INCREASE your water intake. I am at about 64oz of water a day. Start as soon as possible, it will help with the dry skin, weigh maintenance, circulation (blood flow can slow in your 30s) and helps with the joints as well.

At 30 your alcohol intake will slow down (for most). If you are like me, you were blessed in your 20s with NEVER having a single hangover and still handling a lot of liquor. Yup, that’s over, I still have a high tolerance but… hangovers are real, and they are no joke. I wouldn’t lie to you; they can be brutal. My advice, or at least what works for me always drink a full Propel or some Pedialyte before drinking and after drinking, and drink water throughout the night while drinking. Also, EAT before, during and after drinking, you’ll thank me later I promise.

So, if you are like me and have chosen not to wear makeup from the age of 17 to 30 and now you decide it’s time to start again here and there, because well reread what happens to your face, some days that is scary, I have awesome news for you, not only is make up at 30 different from make up at let’s say, 20, but also there are a million new products and techniques you have never heard of. My advice: have fun with it and watch some YouTube tutorials. I loved watching women in their 30s living their normal busy lives teach me how to do what they do with their makeup.

Aging really is great though, if you just let it happen it can be fun and liberating. You have a new sense of self and ability to trust yourself. Just let yourself have some room to age and change, remember 30 isn’t a one size fits all. So, try new makeup, new restaurants, date, try new tv shows, movies, hobbies, travel to new places with people and alone, zipline, white water raft and do what you want. And, definitely, care less about what others think and more about what brings you peace and happiness, because now you’re a grown up.

It is our time to shine guys. 30s is not the new 20s, 20s sucked, 30s are amazing. They brought some changes, good and bad, but I embrace each one. For all those going through them with me, we got this, we’re grown. Let’s enjoy this decade because the one thing we can all definitely agree on is, time goes by fast as hell, so let’s ride the roller coaster.

Peace, Love and Applesauce,

Jill Marie

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