Finding Peace in Alone

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I used to be afraid to be alone. Not long ago I really feared alone time. Make it make sense, right? But hear me out, I was raised in a house with 5 kids and I was the oldest, I then had my daughter at 18 and moved out with my husband and daughter. Obviously the husband has changed but since pretty much birth I have never had a moment alone. And it didn’t help much that I wasn’t very fond of myself for a long time

Gradually over the last 5 years I have worked on loving myself. And this year I have had a few opportunities to be completely alone. Turns out once you’re not afraid to be alone with yourself, alone time is peaceful and recharging.

I have always been the one to remain available to anyone I care about for whatever they need whenever they need it. But recently I realized it was draining ME of energy and peace. I am empathetic which sounds great to have when it is put on paper, I connect with peoples energy, helping others makes me feel good and I understand people, animals and even plants in a different way. But in real life it is overwhelming because I feel others emotions which can be draining and in big groups all that energy wears me out quickly. So, I have gradually made myself less available to people. Peace is an amazing thing. I still help when needed but I choose who and how much help to give.

By working on loving myself and self care, I learned to be ok with being alone, I also learned it helps save and add peace and energy to my life.

The moral of this rant is Self Care is vital to your success, ability to love and energy. Whether it is a 10 minute meditation, 10 minutes of reading, writing, drawing, walking or just watching a movie, love yourself in some way everyday.

Peace, Love and Applesauce

Jill Marie

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