Bad Luck

Grandma always says “if I didn’t have bad luck, I wouldn’t have any”. This briefly crosses my mind while sitting in the Kroger parking lot with a dead battery. Just me and Jacob, in the rain and it’s chilly so no one will jump us even though I have cables?

I could be upset or cry or be mad. Oh why is it always me?! But instead I just sent for roadside assistance, called my daughter and told her what’s going on and am waiting patiently.

While sitting here I decided now is good as any to write a blog post. Yes I am cold. Yes the situation sucks but here are the positives: I am at Kroger so bathroom inside, food and drinks. I am surrounded by people so safe. And we have our phones to keep us occupied. Oh and it’s nice that I even have a vehicle to breakdown on me. Basically, it could be worse I am just counting my blessings.

In every negative situation there is a positive somewhere, just keep looking and you’ll find it.

Stay safe y’all

Peace, Love & Applesauce

Jill Marie

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