Future Love

I am not for the soft. I have been burned and risen for the ashes like the Phoenix. I have been broken and healed over and over. But I am not put back together with tape or glue but platinum and gold. And, baby, you’ll see I have never been broken the same place twice.

What other’s see as baggage you will see as beauty. And you’ll find happiness, not the tears I have cried, in my fine lined face. You’ll see the aftermath of healing and not the horrible reality of pain I have felt. You will get the best version of me, the me forged in fire n cooled in ice.

But know I will not be easy. I am independent. I am strong because I had no choice. I no long flinch when a man raises his voice because I have already fought that fight too many times. I am not surprised when people leave because starting from my father on I have been trained that’s what to believe.

I will be shocked when you stay. But trust me I am rooting for you from the beginning. My heart is not cold, I promise, it just seems that way because, again it is held together now with platinum and gold. Sure this makes it harder but far more valuable.

I am fire and ice all in one. I am peace and love. I am strong. I am who I am because I made me. I picked me up and brushed me off. I healed every time to prepare for the moment…the very second I meet you. God was and still is preparing me to be exactly the best version of myself.

Trust the process…

Peace, love & applesauce

Jill Marie

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