Glow Up

There’s a moment in life When it all clicks The quarks that you have Even the ticks

Are put there by God To teach you today What you’ll need for tomorrow You just got to pray

You can only develop Your gift and your talents When you go through Strifes It’s a thin balance

You’re told who to be Who you are, what to know You’re supposed to hide every scar   Don’t you grow

We’re all supposed to fit In a cookie cutter box But you’re breaking out Busting all of those locks

They like to label And cause a fight But you ain’t got time You’ll be all right

Just keep proving them wrong One after another Say what they want They ain’t your bread-and-butter

My advice from the top Just let that shit go The only thing they can’t take Is what you know

Telling you now. You’re the best of the best Don’t worry about them Don’t compete with the rest

You’ll never be perfect We all know that’s true But who defines what that means? Someone imperfect like you

So be who you want Don’t waste no time You’re Perfectly Imperfect And a straight dime

Life is what you make it So do what you do And be who you are Just always keep true

Let me say it like this You get better each day Don’t let them hurt you Continue to pray

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