All That College and I Want McDonald’s Wage

*Disclaimer I am aware that this was probably supposed to say $13 an hour but either way that’s high and this whole post is shenanigans: We spend a lot of time everyday scrolling and trolling. So, I am scrolling through Facebook and boom a McDonald’s sign that says, “Starting $31 an hour”. Hold the mfContinue reading “All That College and I Want McDonald’s Wage”

Dating From the Mouth’s of Babes

So, I am sitting here with no idea what to write, writer’s block, ugh. When, in enters the crew, fresh off the school bus and full of stories. Man, when I say they are my inspiration I mean it quite literally. Anyway, my 10-year-old boy starts talking about his new girlfriend. Yup, girlfriend, at 10Continue reading “Dating From the Mouth’s of Babes”