Books that will make you the smartest person in the room

I’ve taken my time to curate the best books to read now. The point of this books I’m about to review isn’t as dark as many people make it out to be, it’s more better than that. It’s an eye opener to recognize the slightest details on how manipulative people could be and use itContinue reading “Books that will make you the smartest person in the room”

Dating From the Mouth’s of Babes

So, I am sitting here with no idea what to write, writer’s block, ugh. When, in enters the crew, fresh off the school bus and full of stories. Man, when I say they are my inspiration I mean it quite literally. Anyway, my 10-year-old boy starts talking about his new girlfriend. Yup, girlfriend, at 10Continue reading “Dating From the Mouth’s of Babes”